This blog, Fogknife, belongs to me, Jason McIntosh, a freelance software and game design consultant residing in New England.

Fogknife has no theme, other than “topics that interest me, Jason McIntosh, and which I have reason to suspect might interest others as well”. Many posts attempt to chronicle the culture that passes through me, all the books and films and games I eat and about which I wish to mark down some permanent record — for myself, as much as for anyone else. Articles can sometimes swerve into more technical or domain-specific discussion. I do my best to keep everything accessible to a general audience.

I have been blogging off and on since 2001. My LiveJournal holds many older posts, and I revisit it those rare times I wish to write something more like a journal entry than a public essay. I also used to write on The Gameshelf quite a bit from 2007 through 2016, though only about games. I began posting articles to — this website’s former home — in 2013, and started putting real care into it in early 2015, after I wrote my own blogging software. In 2017, I retitled the blog “Fogknife” and moved it to its own domain.

I don’t keep to a fixed publication schedule, but do aim to write at least one interesting article every week. If you do enjoy the posts, I encourage you to add my RSS feed to the feed-reader of your choice. (I’ve also a JSON Feed, for syndication iconoclasts.)

I always welcome feedback. My email address is, my Twitter is @JmacDotOrg, and my phone number is 617–792–3829. This blog supports doesn’t support comments per se, but it does accept webmentions, and publishes received ones on the appropriate posts’ individual pages.

The star-button beneath each article (including this one) is linked to my local installation of Starble, an experimental generic system of my own invention for liking things on the internet. They appear here as another feedback mechanism. Feel free to tap the stars however you please.

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