I have begun to look for full-time work as a senior-level software engineer with strongest skills in web hacking with Perl, and bonus-points expertise in game studies and design. Here is a page all about me in that context, or you can just skip to my resume.

My stated motives for this change are true as written, if a bit coy regarding my financial motivation. The slightly longer version is this: just as I was starting to feel a bit fatigued at earning just enough to support myself through freelancing, with neither debts owed nor savings cached, I found myself suddenly burdened with a significant increase in financial responsibility. The death of my father brought about my mother’s immediate need for long-term elder care, and I have a lot of estate-cleanup work ahead of me as well.

All this costs lots of money, more than I or anyone in my family has. I’m unique within my family for having the ability to earn a lot of money simply by choosing to surrender to full-time work. It falls to me to step up.

The silver living comes with the other motivation I name on that page: I really have been yearning to work as part of something larger, at least for a while. It’s been more than ten years since the last time I looked for full-time work, and I’m both a different person and a different (and much more experienced) programmer now. I figure that I could only benefit from taking a break from cowboy-coding to work as part of a smart development team on something big and interesting.

So here’s me saying that I do not martyr myself on the altar of salaried work; I go willingly, and even look forward to seeing what I’ll find out there.

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