Here are the most interesting three events I can recall taking place specifically as I lay in my crib.

  • Considering the round, flesh-brown tip of my bottle’s nipple, and feeling delight to think that it somewhat resembled the bald head of Gordon from Sesame Street, who I loved as much as I did any other grown-up family friend.

  • During renovations of our apartment, gazing up at the lintel of my bedroom and seeing HI JASON rendered in fresh white test-color paint. One of the workers or contractors hired by my parents had gotten creative, and so gave me the first words I read with comprehension.

  • Pondering the nature of existence itself, something like “If this is everything, then what contains it? Nothing? How is that possible?” and then feeling whole-self amazingly dizzy in a way I have chased all my life since and never again experienced.

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