None of it matters today. When I started writing this blog post yesterday, I planned to lead with the example “What bomb did he lob this hour — the one about how he has no Russian investments? And last week he falsely stated (in the biggest speech of his career so far) that crime had increased under Obama, and before that…” But already that’s out of date, with today’s call for foreign agents to compromise the state department. Tomorrow it’ll be something else, I have no doubt.

My point, either way, is that no scandal will bring down Trump before election day. It’s far too late for that. The media had their chance; they could have latched onto any of his earliest, most heinous utterances from 2015 and held on, pressing him until he cracked and his campaign dissolved. Alas, the media, by their very nature, cannot do this. Comprising mere mortals as easily distracted as you and I, they feel compelled to drop what they’re doing and chase after every bright yellow ball of a juicy campaign story that bounces by.

By emitting several of these stories every week for the past year, Trump has effectively DDoSed the global press. He has fired so much chaff around that even though any one example of it could destroy a traditional candidate, the constant novelty of the whole list, ever-growing, simply overloads any attempt to weaponize it against him using any known methods.

The only path — the only path — towards defeating Trump lies in the rest of us (and most especially the rest of us who happen to live in swing states) outvoting the bloc of confused and desperate people that Trump has bamboozled by the millions to support his overtly fear-driven, authoritarian, white-nationalist cause. We can do it. It’s not guaranteed to work, but I see no other way.

I still encourage the continued calling out of Trump’s lies and outrages. The future will want the record. But I caution against putting any hope that, ah, this one, surely this one will finally do it, will finally send his presidential ambitions crashing down within weeks. I just don’t think it’ll work out that way.

We have to pull him down ourselves.

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