As I continue to work on Plerd, the blogging software that powers this website, I increasingly find myself with news and other updates about it I want to share — but which wouldn’t fit well on Fogknife. I aim to keep my writing here of interest to a general audience, and deeply nerdy stuff about my main open-source project just doesn’t feel right for this website.

So, I last month quietly launched a new blog for Plerd, at I consider this part of the same push that saw my creating some new Plerd mailing lists a little before that, as well as committing some significant updates to the software itself — all of which you can now read about over yonder, and I can now write about all I want without worry of diluting Fogknife’s such-as-it-is brand.

I will note that one significant Plerd update lets me (and, in theory, anyone else) instantiate new Plerd-based blogs with rather less effort than previously required. I used this feature to create that new Plerd News site, in a pleasingly bootstrappish fashion. I may very well do it again sometime to pop up yet more websites for digging into topical depths too chthonic for Fogknife. Should this occur, I’ll announce these sites’ new existence here, and then speak of them no more.

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