Today I join Google as a technical writer. This completes a process that began more than six months ago. Intense mid-winter interviews preceded many conversations with leaders of various writing teams within the gigantic company, all shepherded by heroically patient recruiters. (Thank you, Tyler!)

Laid across the middle of this span was my employment at Hydrolix—which, I shall now reveal, ended with a layoff in May. I can only extend my sincere gratitude to every person I worked with there. The best moments of my work with Hydrolix gave me such a sense of professional fulfillment and joy that I left convinced I had made the right choice in embarking upon my new career path as a writer.

All of my preliminary conversations at Google have whet my appetite to begin work there, and I look forward to settling in over the next few weeks. I did not predict at the start of 2021 that the first giant step into my new career would look like more of a stuttering shuffle, but that’s just how the dance goes sometimes.

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