Before February ends, I’d like to acknowledge that Fogknife wants to take a break. While I’ll keep the blog (and its RSS feed) online and ready for my next post, I shall also allow myself to not anticipate when that might occur. This is a change from the four-posts-a-month(-more-or-less) schedule I’ve kept since I started writing here in 2014.

I know only that I wish to give my public writing voice a rest, for a spell.

As I wrote last month, I have come to realize that my old life has ended. The jmac who for so many years defined himself as a jolly freelance hacker who did some writing on the side has passed away. The work of accepting this change represents an ongoing project. Lately, I come to more clearly see how need I need to put away more habits and aspects of my old life, clearing the work-space to let new and vital focuses and transformations have their full effect.

While I have no plans to retire Fogknife, I must let go of the expectations I’d set for it long ago. I know my core self well enough to know I can’t stay away indefinitely! One day I’ll return with new rules for how I’ll use this blog, ones that make sense for my new life. Until then, I need to step away and make more room to work on myself.

I will be well, and I hope you will be well too.

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