I write this post to help convince myself that YAPC: :NA, [at which I plan to give a talk about Plerd](http://blog.jmac.org/2015-03-16-speaking-at-yapc-2015.html), happens in two months, and further that this does not represent a whole lot of time. By happenstance, my current clientele largely comprises seasonal businesses, and _I love my clients_ but that does mean that I must spend springtime deep in the mines. All time spent at my computer but not on billable hours begins to feel irresponsible; hell, doing my _taxes_ feels like bad customer service, this weekend.

Even though I aim to center my talk more on my experiences as a blogger as expressed through Plerd, and less about the technology of Plerd itself, I would not want to attend YAPC while Plerd’s README file still leads with an apologetic insistence that you should really go use something else. Furthermore, I’d love for every link I throw down to my personal homepage to not make me wince, due to the knowledge that its content and especially its (oh so very non-responsive) layout feel as outdated as the term “personal homepage”.

Things I would have to have completed by wheels-up on June 5:

  • Get Plerd on CPAN. Ideally, this would mean that you could type cpanm Plerd on a command line and boom, there’s your personal Plerd, ready to serve you. I haven’t put anything on CPAN in nearly a decade, well before the ascent of the Modern Perl movement and all that it’s given us (such as cpanm). Packaging up Plerd according to today’s best practices would give me an education I very much look forward to receiving.

  • Write a guide to using Plerd. An understood prerequisite to this: Eliminate every Plerd misfeature whose prose description would make me tearfully revert to boldfaced entreaties to go install Python 3 and Letterpress and forget about Plerd before it breaks your heart. There currently exists at least one such issue, and I can’t even bear to mention it here.

  • Contemporize www.jmac.org. While not exactly Angelfire-bad, my website’s stylesheet predates my first smartphone, and the language on various static pages (including the front page) no longer does well at representing my world-facing identity today. This project carries a surprising amount of inertia, though; I really don’t want to just throw everything away and leave another pile of dead links behind. I’ve put this work off for years for lack of a deadline, so YAPC shall serve as one.

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