D Ruth Bavousett wrote a very kind article for opensource.com about Plerd, the simple engine I created a little over a year ago that powers the blog you are now reading. It summarizes the README file on Plerd’s GitHub page, as well as the talk about the system I presented at 2015’s YAPC::NA. This has led in turn to a little surge of attention and feedback about Plerd, all of which I appreciate sincerely.

I especially like this part of Bavousett’s article, succinctly and accurately describing the writing environment Plerd intends to complement:

Another nice feature — from my perspective as a long-time system administrator — is that Plerd does not have a lot of moving parts. Setting up the Dropbox and plerdwatcher daemons is easy and quick, and you see results immediately. You don’t get a “Dashboard” full of sometimes confusing options, no comment spam, and no plugins to set up and regularly update — it’s a bare-screws, stripped-down blog platform dedicated to writing.

It pleases me very much to see others finding Plerd helpful. I also become uncomfortably aware of the lack of any official support or documentation for the system, outside of that one lonely README! It would behoove both the project and myself to address this lack in the near future, and I hope to do so.

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