I presented BumpySkies: A Passion-Project Postmortem at The Perl Conference 2017 in Alexandria, Virginia last month. It remixes my !!Con 2017 talk from May, adding five minutes of newer stuff at either end. In this 20-minute talk I tell more or less the complete tale of how I spent much of 2016 making BumpySkies, a commercial-flight turbulence forecaster. While it works just as I’d hoped, I kind of dunno what to do next with it — and the increasingly anti-scientific stance of the country that provides its data gives me concerns for its longevity that I didn’t have when I began the project.

For some reason, the sound recording came out very soft. You can still hear me speak if you crank your volume or use headphones, but I nevertheless created the following alternative version using Keynote’s recording feature. (It’s the same text and pictures as the TPC recording, just louder. I speak a bit more slowly, so it’s a little longer as well.)

And here’s a whole-slideshow PDF, with a slide-by-slide text transcript included. I see now that I should really save a text-only transcript, since my flipbookish presentation style doesn’t make this easy to read. I shall endeavor to do this in the future.

I really enjoyed TPC 2017, by the way, and hope to push out at least one however-belated blog post about what I learned there. First, though, I’m going to watch all the keynote presentations I missed, via the conference’s YouTube channel; I had a client emergency explode on the event’s first day, and ended up missing a lot of the in-person content.

The next major tech conference I plan to attend is All Things Open, this October in Raleigh, where I shall present nothing at all, because all of the above’s enough for this year. I suspect that two mutually different talks in one year, even on the same topic, represents one too many for me. I loved putting the initial !!Con talk together, but making the TPC version felt like a real drag — even though it came out well — and explains in part my blogging very little last month. As I say in that very talk, building things tends to fire me up far more than just describing things.

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