We find ourselves already one week into a travel-and-conference-and-meetup-packed month, unfolding thus:

I shall attend the next Oxford and London Interactive Fiction Group meetup at 2 PM on Saturday, June 9. Yes, only some thirteen hours after I publish this post, so I acknowledge that I won’t see you unless either you’re already planning to go, or you’re in London right now and feeling spontaneous. If you do find yourself at loose ends after the queen’s birthday parade or whatnot, come on by to see Graham Nelson and Emily Short presenting abouting upcoming Inform 7 features.

Eventually I shall return to New England, because the cats get hungry. But I will grow restless for more interactive fiction meetups and so board the northbound purple line to attend The People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction’s June 20 meetup at MIT. “We might look at the XYZZY award winner,” says the announcement, “or we might do something else!” If you like doing either of these things, do join me.

The cats can only eat so much, though, and therefore shall I continue my interrupted east-to-west flight all the way to Portland, Oregon to attend the 2018 IndieWeb Submmit on June 26 and 27. I have written about my growing obsession with the IndieWeb already, and genuinely look forward to meeting both its principal founders and my fellow obsessives in person for this two-day conference.

Smackdab in the middle of IndieWeb Summit I will take a break from all this internet talk for some good old-fashioned internet talk at Donut.js, a monthly technology and donut seminar elsewhere in Portland. I found out about this accidental place-and-time confluence only today, but having heard only good things about Donut.js in the past I can’t help but try rolling it into my schedule as well.

Finally, I should mention Providence Geeks, a decade-old, open-to-all group I have only recently discovered. I finally made it out to one of its own meetups, two months after moving to ol’ PVD myself, and can report feeling very at-home among the pleasantly diverse crowd there. I absolutely expect to attend its future events with steady frequency for however long I remain a Providence resident.

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