I posted the following note to my LinkedIn page earlier today, where I also linked to this Daring Fireball article.

A note to my friends who still work at Facebook:

You are at the top of your career. The very fact of your job at Facebook demonstrates a level of technical acumen that would allow you to work anywhere you wish within the technology sector.

The time has come for you to take advantage of this. Your employer has become unworthy of your talent. Please quit. Work for a company doing literally anything else.

From promoting hateful conspiracy theories to favoring Trump’s re-election, Facebook’s drive for emotionally fueled “engagement” over all else steals the light from our shared human future in order to enrich a handful of people.

I know that you do not identify as a white supremacist. Facebook, however, funnels most of your talent directly into growing and empowering white supremacy’s most significant technological ally in spreading hate.

I urge you to think of your own career prospects, as well. The peak of Facebook’s positive reputation already lay in the past. After this year, employers will justifiably assume that hiring someone from Facebook would risk bringing in a culture of division, deception, and algorithmically optimized racism.

Please, for your own sake, if not for the sake of the future: leave Facebook. Do it today, before it ruins you.

This article was also posted to the “politics” section of Indieweb.xyz.

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