I just published a new tool called TwitterSplit. Paste in an essay or another hunk of text too long for Twitter, hit the button, and receive back a tweetstorm ready for pasting into the client of your choice. You can optionally have “page numbers” appear at the front or back of every tweet, or stamp them all with a certain hashtag. The tweets’ length in any case will never exceed 140 characters each.

It is essentially a web-wrapper around a command-line program and Perl library I wrote last year. I didn’t have any particular reason to make those then, and I didn’t have any real justification for today’s work, either. I did it anyway! My next big personal actually-useful project is still some weeks away from beta, and I suppose wanted to feel good about shipping something small in the meantime.

I hope someone finds it somehow useful. (The obvious next steps would involve making a proper API out of it, or even having it connect to Twitter and post a threaded storm for you — but these feel like features on the other side of “I myself would use this, ever”.)

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