I’m pleased to announce a new guide to installing and using Bise, my simple log-analysis tool for measuring a website’s recurring readership. My thanks to Linode for lending me a platform to share this guide with a wider audience than my writing usually has — and I suppose I can enjoy some fun irony about that, given the subject matter.

This article also represents my first piece of paid freelance technical writing for a commercial publication since I announced my intent last summer to focus more on writing professionally. I actually began my conversation with Linode way back in February, but the world got in the way for all parties over the next half-year. Seeing this article published at last reignites my desire to make a habit of this, even though my life has turned wholly upside-down from a year ago. (Because, y’know: so’s yours.)

Admittedly, it’s a little funny that my first article for this particular publisher is about software that I myself wrote! But I found the Linode editorial staff to welcome proposals to document creative tools developed on Linode-developed servers — a tidy descriptor for nearly all my personal projects for the past several years. I do plan to pitch more guides for technology important to me, and promise that at least some of these will cover stuff created by people other than myself.

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