Tag: Fogknife

  • Adding a clarification to the vet-lethargy article (February 23, 2019)

    After an unexpected email exchange, I updated an earlier Fogknife post to better phrase some advice I offer to worried cat companions.

  • Fogknife housekeeping: comments and logos (October 7, 2017)

    On Fogknife's new logo, and its modified approach to public comments, swapping out embedded Disqus for simple Twitter links.

  • This blog is now called Fogknife (January 5, 2017)

    When I launched this blog two years ago , I wouldn’t let myself believe I’d attend to it with any regularity, and as such didn’t spend much energy on thinking of a title. So “jmac’s blog” it was, with the URL blog.jmac.org . An acceptable URL, but a terrible, forgettable not-title. With my first post of 2017, I change both.

  • Introducing Starble (November 1, 2015)

    Each post on this blog, when viewed on the website (versus an RSS reader or the like), now concludes with a little button containing a star and a number. These buttons appear by way of Starble , a weekend project inspired by last week’s thoughts about how I use various online services’ “fave” buttons .

  • About this blog (April 11, 2015)

    This blog, Fogknife , belongs to me, Jason McIntosh , a freelance software and game design consultant residing in New England.

  • Dedicating 2015’s blogging to Derek K. Miller (February 12, 2015)

    Since the average distance between the sidebar’s ten “Recent Posts” links has dropped from months to days, I feel cautiously optimistic that my Plerd-powered return to blogging might actually stick for a while, this time around. Thinking on this, I realized I had an opportunity to say something nice about someone you probably never knew (nor did I, really), so I will.